Welcome to Rellysoft, this website is for me to share my projects with other people who want to try them out. If you have questions about them or any idea's for me, you probably know how to reach me.
Remember to always read the readme file. It explains most if not all of the things the apps can do. If anything in them is unclear, feel free to contact me.
HellyExplore 4.0.2 @ 02-08-2020
And another one.

Found a bug in the update process of the tv-show banners. The program would stop responding if there's no banner for it on the API. Giving you a nasty error you couldn't easily get rid of.

At the same time i also discovered bugs with changing the ID's of both movies and tv-shows. It wasn't changed to the new database setup so it stopped worked. All fixed now :D
HellyExplore 4.0.1 @ 18-07-2020
Well.... that was fast. A few bugs were found in the options menu that gave errors when changing the Absolute and Ended boxes. So i fixed those.
There were also some problems with the update box for series banners. Should be fixed as well. Also made another small bug fix in the options menu. Maybe you'll notice, probably not so it will remain a mystery :P.